Crypto Lifestyle: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Crypto Lifestyle: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Since “crypto” is a new form of trading, there is no fixed factor in predicting the risk of fluctuations in rates coupled with concerns about cybersecurity. At the initial stage of its launch 10 years ago, the trading system was threatened by hackers until all investors are afraid to go together. But now, “Blockchain” has been developed to prevent hacking and loss of assets. Therefore, it has returned to the investment stage again.

Digital Asset investment Trend with Trading Volume Growing

When it comes to the crypto lifestyle or cryptocurrencies, one might understand that “Bitcoin” is the collective name for this type of asset, but “Bitcoin” is just one of the cryptocurrencies. “Cryptocurrencies” worth more than 1 million $/1 token, capturing a wide range of digital financial markets. It will be an option for investors to speculate in order to receive future returns.

In the past 2021, there has been a response to the digital asset investment trend with trading volume growing to reach 6 billion USD, representing a working capital that cryptocurrency investors can bring. Spending with merchant partners and operators such as real estate or leading car dealers in the country?

One of the most well received digital asset investment platforms from investors around the world is blockster, a platform that is fast and safe. Currently, there are approximately 1.6-1.7 million digital asset account openings. The average turnover is 4,800% higher than last year, and the number of active users has increased by more than 700,000, by various industries and companies.

Creatinging Crypto-related Innovations

Blockster has also created innovations in the way cryptocurrencies can be traded for real assets by working with partners in real estate leading car importers and other businesses in using digital money to buy goods and services as well as creating new business together. Resulting in blockster having partners from many leading industries such as automotive, real estate.

Financial institutions, technology, entertainment, beauty and health, services, furniture and arts. A new lifestyle platform that brings together unique products and services. And it is moving towards digital assets and new technologies such as NFT and Metaverse.

Apart from this other common factors For example, it is the platform with the largest number of coins, up to 30 coins to choose from. It has the lowest trading fees in the market. It is also a platform that can offer returns or bonuses of up to 14% per year on deposits of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BXR, USDC, USDT as well. To blockster own crypto-currency through the BXR fixed deposit program, this is another way to promote savings for digital asset investors.

Source of Blockster Credibility

Funding from international investors in partnership with leading national financial organizations is another factor that contributes to blockster worldwide credibility. This fundraising marks the first time global listed companies, banks and Venture Capitalists have jointly invested in a digital asset platform, bringing blockster to hundreds of millions of dollars. And it’s moving towards a billion-dollar company soon.

In addition, blockster is able to increase liquidity on the exchange and enable it to offer better digital asset quotes to its clients. In addition, this platform is continually improving its platform.

Both in terms of security Know-Your-Customer authentication and verification is more efficient, faster and to expand the crypto market. To be a stepping stone to future opportunities together with blockster and leading companies to attract young people from all over the world in today’s world to this world of digital finance.

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