How to Spot a Bitcoin Scammer?

How to Spot a Bitcoin Scammer?

In the trade of Bitcoin, where so many people earned profits, some lost money as well. Sometimes this amount was in millions. All this happens due to scammers. Yes, Bitcoin scammers are everywhere looking for any innocent investor who is unaware of their frauds. Following are some tips that will help you to spot a Bitcoin scammer:

Check Trading Platforms

You can buy or purchase cryptocurrency from those websites for which you want to check. But before investing money, verify these sites. Watch out for what experts in the Blockchain field say about them. Reading the reviews of ordinary people can help you decide what you are going to do.

Some fake brokers share with you enticing and attractive deals that are just false claims to grab all your money. So do not believe in such offers that propose everything limitlessly and approximately out of the box.

Check Whitepaper

The whitepaper is the essential element for initial coin offering (also known as COI). It describes all the details of the cryptocurrency that include:

  •         Design of cryptocurrency
  •         Money Making Strategy
  •         Growth of the Platform

Sometimes these details are not precise, which means that the scammer might be confusing you. Instead of going deep during such situations, just avoid it and look for another platform for investment.

Approach Team Members

It may sound unethical, but it is not. Every company has its founder and other members who work for it. But usually, scammers do not show their identity publicly. So it is the best way to spot a fraudster. Before spending time and money:

  1. Do handsome research about the owner and team of the enterprise.
  2. Check their social media accounts.
  3. Contact them for queries and check whether they reply to you or not.

If you do not get satisfied, do not trade Bitcoin with them.

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